Join the Tradition

For decades, the Heavy Duty Crew has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the College running — ensuring that our facilities are set-up, maintained, and ready for learning, community engagement, work, and celebration. While the responsibilities of the Heavy Duty Crew have shifted due to COVID-19, now more than ever it feels appropriate to recognize our loyal alumni 十大赌博靠谱网络平台 Fund donors with a giving society honoring such a hardworking campus crew.

The 十大赌博靠谱网络平台 Fund champions each of the College’s operational divisions. When you become a member of the Heavy Duty Society, you are providing students with scholarships, research opportunities, travel to community partners, programmatic support, and the list goes on.

Why Alumni Dedication Matters

  • Because teamwork makes the dream work. College rankings are based, in part, on the number of alumni who support their alma mater. Every gift makes an impact.
  • Consistent financial support provides Warren Wilson College with the stability, confidence, and resources to set lofty goals for everything from student scholarship support to important research and global engagement.
  • Making a gift, whatever the size, feels great. When you give, you know that you are part of something important. You become a partner in educating tomorrow’s leaders and game changers.

Join the Heavy Duty Society by donating a minimum of $10/month or $120/annually and become a dedicated member of a crew of alumni who support the College and its mission.